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brand original authentic To realize the mechanical and electrical salesRKC/The physical and chemical、Yang MingFOTEK、Day tooTEND、Major axesAXE、HinMOONSTARImport brand products and so on,The brand is complete,Products rich as a choice!
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One-stop service providers, cost-effective Wire and cable machinery accessories one-stop shopping,Worry、Quickly、Benefits,Selling products have tension controller、Counter、The thermostat、Relay、Ignition coil、Circuit board、The meter wheel、Turn table line speed、Voltage ammeter、Spark machine beads and so on
15Years of experience in mechanical and electrical industry
15 years mechanical and electrical industry experience Industry brand agent,15Years of experience in mechanical and electrical industry,According to industry for you to match professional and technical personnel,To give targeted recommendations and technical support,You have angered,You are sick
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Improve after-sales service Strengthen the communication with the customers,Customer service24Hours around the clock,The enthusiastic response from client Polling,Combined with the supplier's technical force to solve customer technical problems encountered。Product quality problems:7Days for replacement,1Year warranty,Freight total package
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Dongguan humen to realize mechanical and electrical accessories shop

——Specialized is engaged in the import of low voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of equipment!The main agent brand electrical control devices at home and abroad,After years of efforts to develop,Business is becoming more and more vigorous,In east China、In south China。
The main business brand:RKC/The physical and chemical、Yang Ming/FOTEK、March wins/CONCH、DE/TAI-DE、Major axes/AXE、Hin/MOONSTAR、Day too/TEND、Internal control/NEMICON、Omron/OMRON、And springsIDEC、The instrumentAOYISuch as imported brand。
Main business product:Temperature controller、Tension controller、Counter......
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There is a color matching principle of low voltage apparatus?

When open wiring manual wiring in front of the plate(The model、The mould layout),Should comply with the flat、And tidy、Close to the installation surface、Walk line is reasonable and the loose contact may not be convenient for maintenance requirements。1、Linear channel should be as little as possible,Bottom wire of the same channel,According to the Lord、Classification of concentrated control circuit,Single parallel close or into a bundle...

What should pay attention to use low voltage apparatus?

Low pressure electric appliance choice of different types of short circuit breaking capacity expected short-circuit current circuit breaker to adapt to different lines(WhenIIn the same situation)Selection principle is the need of the circuit breaker:The circuit breaker short circuit breaking capacity≥The line expectations of short circuit current...

What are the classification of low voltage apparatus?

There are many types of low-voltage electrical appliances,There are many kinds of classification methods。1、According to the way of action can be divided into:(1)、Manual electrical appliances--To rely on outside force direct operation to switch electrical appliances,Such as knife switch、Push button switch, etc。(2)、Automatic electrical appliances--Rely on orders or the quantity change and automatic action of electrical appliances,As the contactor、Relay, etc...